Ways to dig up the mountain
Get in, crush, colliding, trespass, erase, touch, scrapes, caresses. Fail. Enjoy. In a society where we try to understand everything, WAYS TO DIG UP THE MOUNTAIN attempts to reach places that are still opaque. Emilia Dorr explores how one can empathize with the otherness of spaces, audiences and oneself in order to create new narratives in these unexpected encounters. And then: dealing with it.

Relating and sharing are the focus of attention for Emilia Dorr in this solo performative setting. Taking opacity as a point of departure to think about relations -accept what I can’t appropriate from the other and try to overcome the risk of reducing the singularity of cultural differences into own parameters and western cosmovision-, the piece attempts to reach places in the relating that are still opaque to let new narratives emerge in these unexpected encounters. The performative project thus becomes a continuous exploration by taking what is already there, transforming it and creating a special relation from the existence in order to open up a peculiar, intimate and unknown together.

The performance premiered at Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, on the 20th of May, 2023.

This performance is made possible by the Goethe Institute.
Event Details
Artist / Group: Emilia Dorr
Country of Origin: GERMANY
Genre: Dance & Physical Theatre
Sub Genre: Performance
Duration: 55 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-29, 2024-08-31
Price: (PWYW)
Audience Age Rage: 12 and above (12+)
Language(s): English
August 29, 2024 7.30pm
Ö2 Scenkonst (Södermalm)
Full: (PWYW)
August 31, 2024 5.00pm
SITE Sweden
Full: (PWYW)


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