SNOW IN BRAZIL-Anna you can stay
On a remote Island far away in the Bothnia Bay, we enter this dystopian story, specially written and dedicated to Darling Desperados.
A strong rumbling sound sweeps over the island, but is it really the storm?

The legendary Staffan Göthe & Bengt Braskered is once again teaming up with Darling Desperados ,Ulrika Malmgren & Katta Pålsson in this international collaboration between Brazil and Sweden.
The performance take place on the edge between cabaret and performance where the actors, live music , set design and visuals are collaborating with the audience.
The interaction between each artistic expression in the tragic portrayal of love and death
welcomes you to another dimension. Traditions and experiments from both Europe and South America are combined into a world of its own.

The characters are driven by love, hope and longing but are thrown out in a world they don’t understand and that is trying to throw them out.
Anna struggles with old memories of success and Jonna tries to find a new life with her love. Their neighbour Hannes is a stalker, while Lady The Dragqueen lives in the cabaret and inspires her friend Anna.
The importance of international collaborations is increasing in times of the dismantling of democracy. The theme of the play is global. The show is dedicated to all of you who carry a dream and trying to exist despite life's incurable loneliness and shattered dreams of love and belonging.
Funding Partner:

Statens Kulturråd, Svante Bergströms Teaterstiftelse

Event Details
Artist / Group: Darling Desperados
Country of Origin: SWEDEN
Genre: Theatre
Sub Genre: Theatre
Duration: 80 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-27
Price: 150 kr
Audience Age Rage: 14 and above (14+)
Language(s): swedish, spanish, german
August 27, 2024 4.00pm
Ö2 Scenkonst (Södermalm)
Full: 150 kr
Conc: 75 kr


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