Play! with VoNo Vocals

Get ready for a night of musical spontaneity and creativity as the professional singers of VoNo take the stage! In this unique acappella performance, your words, thoughts, and emotions will inspire new and captivating music, making you an essential part of the creative process.

Share your ideas on themes like summer, autumn, love, or even the spirit of the Fringe! Watch as these talented vocalists blend all vocal styles with playful energy and spontaneity, crafting music on the spot. From soulful gospel harmonies to dynamic operatic duets, intimate trios, and vibrant jazzy pieces—each performance promises surprise and unforgettable musical moments.

Join us and be part of the magic that only happens when creativity and improvisation collide!
Event Details
Artist / Group: VoNo
Sub Genre: Music
Duration: 45 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-30
Price: 150 kr
Audience Age Rage: 14 and above (14+)
Language(s): English or Swedish
August 30, 2024 5.30pm
Ö2 Scenkonst (Södermalm)
Full: 150 kr
Conc: 75 kr


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