Lewys Holt

ABOUT: Phrases is a one-man dance, multimedia and spoken word performance. It is a minimal, reflective piece that continually shape-shifts between PowerPoint presentation, dance performance, stand-up set, private conversation, and storytelling recital. Broadly speaking, the piece is a study of overthinking and anxiety. This theme is explored through the various modes of the performance. Humour, gentle audience participation, moving choreographic explorations and projected text take the audience on a journey through the tunnels of thought, filled with the minutiae of life, that lonely and inhibited people can find themselves in.

AWARDS: Two 4-star reviews at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, among other favourable reviews from the same festival run!

FUNDING: The project's creation was supported financially and with in-kind support from Arts Council England, De Montfort University, Attenborough Arts Centre, Be Festival, University of Lincoln, Curve, Dance 4, Camden People's Theatre and Yorkshire Dance.

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

Pygméteatern,Årsta Folkets Hus

Wed 14th Sep - Thu 15th Sep 18:00,18:30

60 mins






14 September 6.00pm (60 mins)


Full Price: FREE

Conc: -0.01 kr

15 September 6.30pm (60 mins)

Årsta Folkets Hus

Full Price: FREE

Conc: FREE


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