o n e – a choreographic installation & performance (Stockholm Premiere)

Ongoing Realities

ABOUT: "In a dim room between past, present and future, our art film “o n e” is finding its way back to a live space we can experience together. It is a performance within a concert within a film, presented as an installation. Confused? No worries, join the room and walk around, explore the space and immerse yourself in the movement of sound, dance and visuals coming to life. We invite you to a live installation by Ongoing Realities with an intent to share the room, making it as much yours as ours together. "

MORE INFO: Ongoing Realities will also premiere a digital presentation of O N E as part of our ARENA STOFF (Digital stage) program.


  • Photo: ©Tony Hultén

  • Koncept & Koreografi: Johan Bandholtz & Anna Näsström

  • Ljuddesign: Rosanna Gunnarsson, Alexander Zethson

  • 2D- och 3D-animation: Emal Ghouse

  • AR-design: Yuvia Maini

  • Bildmaterial i AR: fotograf Hugo Andersson

  • VR-programmering: Vincent Wong

  • Kostymdesign: Demeanour designs

  • Videokonstnär konstfilm: Tanne Willow

  • Scenography: Nordwerk design, Reboard

IG: @ongoingrealities
With support from: Riksteatern Väst, Konstnärsnämnden, Rum för dans, Teater Halland, Konstmuseet i Skövde, Högskolan i Skövde, Kulturrådets krisstöd

Thank you:: Fryshuset Danscenter Stockholm, Danscentrum Residens Sthlm

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Language: N/A

Country: Sweden


Sat 17th Sep 19:30

60 mins

150 kr

17 September 7.30pm (60 mins)


Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr


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