Night Journey / Nattlig resa
GENRE: Site-Specific / Sitespecifikt
'Night Journey / Nattvakten' takes the audience aboard a sightseeing boat called "TAKE A CHANCE ON ME"

We are greeted by two enigmatic stewards who care for us throughout the journey.
We are given blankets and drinks. In our headphones, we hear a softly spoken text against a background of a cinematic soundscape.

The poet and architect Björner Torsson's poetic narrative is a challenging evocation of the mystery and darkness of water. As the journey continues, we are all taken on an inner journey - what does it mean to be alive - what can it mean to be dead?

The boat trip lasts 50 min.
The text is broadcast in both Swedish and English, read by actors Krister Henrikson (SWE) and Linda Marlowe (GB).
Created by Carina Reich & Bogdan Szyber in collaboration with Peder Bjurman.
Soundscape: David Österberg.
Light design: Ronald Salas
Hosts: Carina Reich & Bogdan Szyber
Support :Swedish Arts Council

Photograph: © Bogdan Szyber

Partners: Swedish Arts Council

Event Details

Genre: Site-Specific / Sitespecifikt

Language: English & Swedish

Country: Sweden

Voulez-Vous (Boat swap to: TAKE A CHANCE ON ME)(A red boat that departs from the Royal Palace)

August 30, 2023 - September 1, 2023 21:00

50 mins

150 kr



Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr

Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr

Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr


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