UNDER - an audiovisual performance

The Swedish word under can be read as a position beneath or; meanwhile, as time is passing by, or a wonder, something magical, divine.

This audiovisual performance builds upon breathing techniques based on freediving through pain practice - a somatic movement exploration and watery, pulsating soundscapes. The audience is invited to slow down their sensory perception and experience the poetics of resting and leaning back.
Funding Partner:

The project is supported through residences at Bagarmossens Folkets Hus, Potato Potato Scenkonst Malmö, Hedlandet Residens, SITE Sweden, Hallen c/o Fylkingen and Sveriges Filmförbund.

Event Details
Artist / Group: Alica Tserkovnaja
Country of Origin: SWEDEN
Sub Genre: Dance
Duration: 60 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-30
Price: 150 kr
Audience Age Rage: 14 and above (14+)
Language(s): Swedish / English
August 30, 2024 8.30pm
Ö2 Scenkonst (Södermalm)
Full: 150 kr
Conc: 75 kr


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