Love’s left hand

LEMOUR - Physical Theatre

They really want each other. It has been a perfect date and the lovebirds can’t wait to reach her house. On the way, he heart-openly tosses a coin into a stranger’s hat, passionately wishing for her to be the one. But the stranger is not just a stranger – it is love’s left hand, who feels invited by this gesture to get involved: love’s left hand’s purpose it to appear unrecognised in the lives of those in love and create opportunities to face their inner shadows, so that the one who dares to embrace them may be able to experience true connection.
A heart-warming play about the courage to trust in love’s sense of humor.

Written and performed by Sarah Kerneza, Miriam Kerneza, Ben Petermichl
Music by Silvio Sinzinger

Photograph: Dritter.Akt, Victor Moye-Noza

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Age Suitability: 15+

Language: none

Country: AUSTRIA

Funded by: Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Arts and Culture // Österrikes Ambassad Stockholm


Thu 16th Sep - Fri 17th Sep 19:30

70 mins





16 September 7.30pm (70 mins)


Full Price: kr140

Conc: kr120

17 September 7.30pm (70 mins)


Full Price: kr140

Conc: kr120


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