Hallowed Walls

Pirita Tuisku & Thabo Mokolobate

ABOUT: The Hallowed Walls online-live performance invites you to experience dance and poetry performances virtually, bringing to life hundreds of stories from across the world how people have experienced a challenging year Amid a pandemic. Hallowed Walls is a tale that connects different practices into a single body of work, performed by two artists from two other countries. Pirita Tuisku (FI/UK) and Thabo Mokolobate (SA). If your walls had a voice, what kind of story would they tell? VIDEO TRAILER

FUNDING: Creative Scotland, Dance Base and City Moves.

Photograph: Pirita Tuisku & Thabo Mokolobate

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Language: English

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom & South Africa

Arena STOFF (Online)

Sat 17th Sep 13:00,17:00

55 mins

100 kr




17 September 1.00pm (55 mins)

Arena STOFF (Online)

Full Price: 100 kr

17 September 5.00pm (55 mins)

Arena STOFF (Online)

Full Price: 100 kr


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