Gospel for the present time

Champ Libre

ABOUT: With this performance, I want to reconnect with the elements: to feel, to touch, to ear. Recovering primitive instinct, going back into my senses. I want to become a part of this nature: clay, water, soil, and flowers will overlap me; like Giueseppe Arcimboldo’s pictures. I want to abandon my ego, to faint on the floor, being disoriented, sensual, chaotic, and animal.
'Who has never wanted to go back to the Origins?
The innocence of childhood?
Wallowing in the mud?
This indomitable freedom?


  • 2018 "Danse élargie" in theatre de la ville (Paris),

  • 2018 in Voila Europe theatre festival ( London),

  • 2019 the Chittagong Open art Biennale (Bangladesh),

  • 2019 Festival 10 Sentidos (Spain),

  • 2019 TACT festival (Italy),

  • 2019 Global Frenquencies (USA)

  • 2019 The Sleepless night of Paris 2019 (France)

  • 2021 Lahti Fringe festival

Photograph: Yann Slama

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Language: It's a Non-verbal performance.

Country: France


Thu 15th Sep 17:30

25 mins




15 September 5.30pm (25 mins)


Full Price: FREE


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