Developing Theatre Criticism in Europe – what conditions and possibilities are there? (Panel Debate / TIP)
What do the conditions look like today for theatre criticism around Europe? Are there differences in the forms it takes? What forms would we like it to take going forward, and how can we work together to develop criticism's ability to develop performing arts?

In the conversation, meet theatre critics and performing artists from four different countries and discuss the prerequisites and possibilities of theatre criticism.

The conversation is moderated by Sandra Grehn, who holds a PhD in Comparative Literature/Theatre Studies and is a lecturer at the University of Gothenburg and Stockholm University in Sweden. Grehn also works as a theatre critic, moderator and dramaturge and recurrently collaborates with performing arts scenes, analyzing productions and repertoires.

Moderator: Sandra Grehn, Theatre Critic and PhD in Comparative Literature/Theatre Studies and lecturer at the University of Gothenburg and Stockholm University.

- Andriana-Anna Tsiotsiou, Dramaturg and Theatre Critic, member of the National Union of Theatre and Performing Arts Critics, Thessaloniki (Greece)
- George Lizos, Emerging actor from Cyprus, studied the Geographies of Theatre and the relationship between actors, affect, and the physical space of the stage (Cyprus)
- Suresh Nampuri - Playwright, actor, director and president of JÁ International Theatre in Lisbon (Portugal)
- Ylva Lagercrantz Spindler, Cultural journalist, Author and Theatre critic (Sweden)

Maximum of people in the audience: 90
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This event is a part of the Creative Europe platform Theatre in Palm, co-funded by the European Union and Intercult.

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Artist / Group: TIP Theatre Academy
Country of Origin: SWEDEN
Genre: Theatre
Sub Genre: Theatre
Duration: 75 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-28
Price: FREE
Audience Age Rage: 18 and above (18+)
Language(s): English
August 28, 2024 6.00pm
Teater Giljotin
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