Dead People Are Liking Things On Facebook


ABOUT: Facebook has over 2.2 billion users. Just over 30 million are
dead. By 2065, dead users will outnumber the living, rendering the
site a digital graveyard. In “Dead People Are Liking Things On
Facebook,” artist Chris Dupuis scrolls through the profiles of
Facebook friends who are dead, discussing how they died and what
meaning might be taken from their online afterlives.

AWARDS: Jury's Choice Award, Island Fringe Festival 2019
Audience Choice Award, Storefront Fringe Festival 2018


Photograph: Chris Dupuis

Event Details

Genre: Performance

Language: English

Country: Canada/Belgium

Ö2 Scenkonst,Pygméteatern

Fri 16th Sep - Sat 17th Sep 21:00,16:00

60 mins

150 kr

16 September 9.00pm (60 mins)

Ö2 Scenkonst

Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr

17 September 4.00pm (60 mins)


Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr


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