De åtta danspositionerna

Paloma Madrid, Ninoska Benavides och Estefania Leighton

How can dance be political? How can dance channel experiences of oppression through the body? And can dance through new movement patterns heal inherited wounds and trauma? Choreographer Paloma Madrid, together with dancer Ninoska Benavides and mural artist Estefania Leighton, has explored the political possibilities and healing power of dance in the art project “8 positions – a movement vocabulary”.
The eight positions create a language beyond the language. A language for healing and processing, a language for remembering and for resisting. Through the positions, movements, and dances created when repeated in almost endless combinations, Madrid, Benavides, and Leighton try to process both their shared and different experiences of the body’s political history.

Photograph: Estefania Leighton

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Age Suitability: 15+


Sat 18th Sep 18:00

60 mins


18 September 6.00pm (60 mins)


Full Price: kr100

Conc: kr100


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