“Dancing with elements. Chapter: earth and mycelium network” – (Workshop / TIP)
The fast-paced digital world, compounded by the trauma of Covid-19, leaves us wounded. As the line blurs between digital and physical realities, theatre emerges as vital for collective healing. This workshop, born from 5 years of research, integrates theatrical tools, energy practices, Chinese medicine basics, and meditation. In this workshop, we will focus on earth, simulating a mycelium network through guided meditation. Participants will explore healing, connect with self and environment, harmonize micro and macrocosms, align mind, body, spirit, and feel unity. Through "Dancing with Elements: Earth and Mycelium Network," we aim for slowness, connectivity, stability, balance, reduced stress, calmness, nature connection, and a sense of individual and collective unity, mirroring the forest ecosystem. This workshop methodically utilizes performative art to foster connection, cooperation, respect, and mutual support, aiming for healing through collective creation.

Maximum number of participants: 25
Funding Partner:

This workshop is a part of the Creative Europe platform Theatre in Palm, co-funded by the European Union and Intercult.

Event Details
Artist / Group: Elena Stamatopoulou
Country of Origin: GREECE
Genre: Workshops
Sub Genre: Theatre
Duration: 240 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-29
Price: FREE
Audience Age Rage: 18 and above (18+)
Language(s): English
August 29, 2024 9.00am
Teater Giljotin
Full: FREE


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