“Commedia dell’arte laboratory – (Workshop / TIP)
The Commedia dell'Arte was a political and democratic theatrical movement, in which the whole of society was represented through characters who were social types. The most interesting aspect of this type of theater is the improvisation technique, which is a dramaturgical construction technique that can be very useful for writing and understanding modern theatre. Theater is a timeless language, with eternal rules and this seminar aims to know and learn these rules.

The theoretical part of the laboratory will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the origin and history of the Commedia dell'Arte, to understand the basic rules of improvisation which are also the basis of dramaturgy, because theatrical improvisation is in fact it is a stage writing, and the rules of dramaturgy apply to both the written text and the improvised one. In the second part it will be possible to have an experience of working with comedy masks, trying to play different characters and experiments in scenic creation with the improvisation technique.

Work plan:
First hour: origin and history of the Commedia dell'Arte and its connections with modern and
contemporary theatre.
Second hour: the basic rules of drama: which simple rules one must always base on when
improvising or when writing theatre.
Third hour: comedy masks, how to use them, characters and movements. Body, character and
Fourth hour: group improvisations.

The masks will be provided and made available by the teacher.

Maximum number of participants: 20
Funding Partner:

This workshop is a part of the Creative Europe platform Theatre in Palm, co-funded by the European Union and Intercult.

MaMiMò Theater Center participate in Theatre in Palm in collaboration with E35 Foundation of Reggio Emilia.


Event Details
Artist / Group: MaMiMò Center of Reggio Emilia conducted by Fabio Banfo
Country of Origin: ITALY
Genre: Workshops
Sub Genre: Theatre
Duration: 240 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-27
Price: FREE
Audience Age Rage: 16 and above (16+)
Language(s): English
August 27, 2024 2.00pm
Teater Giljotin
Full: FREE


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