“Ankoku Subbody Method” – (Workshop / TIP)
Subbody is unification of Subconscious and Body,  Ankoku 暗黒 in Japanese means Darkness and stands for everything  invisible and concealed for naked eye. Our Daily bodies are usually restricted by large and gross movements, as the same as the Daily mind is restricted by  dualistic language thinking. When we calm down our Daily thinking and judgment through various conditioning methods, it becomes able to listen to Subtle life in the ‘Darkness’ of the Body, where the Night mind resign, where body and mind are one. We transform from Thinking to Listening mood from Listening mood to Resonance. We resonate with our subconscious/ Night mind  and let the movement manifest itself.

1. Calm down
To become Quiet body is the entrance for Subbody world.

2.  Listen to the body, listen to ‘Qualia
Transforming from thinking to listening mood in the Darkness of our body.
 Quaila is everything life resonates with - emotion, feeling,

3. Resonance
We learn how to resonate with Subtle life/ Qualia.

4. Become Subbody
Through a deep resonance with subtle life we embody different Qualias, we transcend them- merge with them, become them and we give them a body, a Subbody.

5. Тerms
Learning the meaning of different Butoh terms such as
Sub-Body, Darkness of Body, Resonance, Qualia Transparency, Hidden Muscles, Hidden Skin, Ash Body and Ash walk, among more

Clothes: Training clothes, soft and easy to move in.

Maximum number of participants: 25
Funding Partner:

This workshop is a part of the Creative Europe platform Theatre in Palm, co-funded by the European Union and Intercult.

Event Details
Artist / Group: Tana Maneva
Country of Origin: SWEDEN
Genre: Workshops
Sub Genre: Performance
Duration: 240 mins
Date(s): 2024-08-29
Price: FREE
Audience Age Rage: 18 and above (18+)
Language(s): English
August 29, 2024 2.00pm
Teater Giljotin
Full: FREE


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