Collaboration Divisar and Woman's Move

ABOUT: Can you Anchor your relationship in security and stability? Or does that prevent you from sailing on the winds of adventure?
The duet Anchor delves into the complexities of relationships, playfully probing the tensions between passion and security within the life of a couple. Elsa Couvreur and Mehdi Duman dance, scream, laugh, but above all, sing a song we all know the lyrics to.
"The two performers are masters of movement, timing, agility and goofiness" - Michael Calcott

EXTRA INFO: This is Woman's Move's 2nd stint at Stockholm Fringe Festival. Their last visit resulted in the STOFF FRINGE AWARDS GRAND PRIX!

With the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva

PHOTO: ©Kenny Mathieson

Photograph: ©Kenny Mathieson

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Language: English

Country: Switzerland

Teater Tre

Wed 14th Sep - Thu 15th Sep 19:00,21:20

50 mins

150 kr

@MDivisar and @womansmove

/mehdiduman.ciedivisar and /womans_move

/ and /womansmove

14 September 7.00pm (50 mins)

Teater Tre

Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr

15 September 9.20pm (50 mins)

Teater Tre

Full Price: 150 kr

Conc: 100 kr


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